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Our payment Policy, because of the terrible shape of our economy we will build, and ship  your new stainless steel muffler to you free of payment: until you see it install it and are satisfied with the fit and finish, only after the muffler is delivered, will we ask for the agreed payment,  Sincerely,   Tom Hosburgh   owner S/S.biz

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Our mission is to provide to our customers. The  people who enjoy there tractors:

Working  Farm Tractors,  Show Tractors,  Antique Tractors, High Performance Racing or Pulling Tractors. Both manufactured and or hand crafted exahust  stacks.  We will design a exhausts system.  In Polished Stainless Steel.

That will improve the Performance, Value, and look of your tractor.  And at a Reasonable Price Guaranteed.

           please send e-mail to:   hosco46@blueriver.net

phone with answer service   812 967-8075

Farmall Information: 

The Farmall H, produced from 1939 to 1952, became the top selling individual tractor model of all time in North America with over 390,000 sold. (The Ford 8N being a close second).n 1952 the Super H was introduced. It was available in tricycle, adjustable wide-front or fixed wide-front high-crop versions with optional hydraulics. The super H also came with the new International Harvester disc brakes

The story behind the restoration of the tractor.


Hereís the rest of the story n the spirit of Paul Harvey

Now that the tractor is almost done, itís time to disclose the reasons I had to restore it. The first is the obvious, I enjoy working on things like this, but this one, "The Big M" was much more than that.

When I was growing up, my Dadís parents owned a farm on Hwy 38 in Caledonia. The only tractors on the farm for the most part, were Farmalls. Growing up I really liked how they looked and sounded and of course, they at that time were the biggest things in the world!

My Grandfather had bought a Farmall Super M-TA brand new around 1954, at the time this was the largest tractor built by Farmall. On the farm the tractor became known as the "Big M". It was called that to differentiate it from the other model M that was also on the farm. The tractor was worked hard over the years, and was the main tractor for bailing hay and straw. Eventually bailing would be the end of the "Big M" as the action of the bailer caused it to run poorly.

The tractor actually ran with a musical beat that sounded like the beat in the John Mellencamp song "Jack and Diane", to this day when I hear that song, I listen to the beat, it takes me back to those days.

The words of the song are very familiar to someone of my age but the beat takes me to the farm everytime I hear it!

Eventually the "Big M" would be replaced by bigger and newer equipment. Just as every other farm had abandoned equipment sitting around, ours was no different. The "Big M" came to the end, it was parked and forgotten about. No one was ever sure what to do with equipment like this when itís useful life was over, I think it was probably because of the emotional attachment to some of it. The tractor became part of the landscape.

Fast forward to the late 80ís. My Grandmother had passed away and her possessions were to be auctioned off, again common practice with farms. The "Big M" was part of that auction. By this time it was really in sad shape, not running, flat tires, missing pieces, etc. I wanted that tractor badly at the time, but just out of college I didnít have much money and was outbid by a farmer from Franklin, WI. I made contact with him and asked if he ever wanted to get rid of it to please call me. He never did. I would drive past every now and again to make sure it was still there until one day it wasnít. I stopped and talked to him, he claimed he sold to someone in Illinois. He either didnít remember who he sold it to or wouldnít tell me where it really went. My suspicion is that it went to recycler as scrap metal. I felt a lot of sadness as I viewed this as one of those connections to the past and the family

Moving forward to 1996, the picture above is from Ď96. I had always wanted to find that "Big M" but never could, so I was always looking at others. One day I found one that I could afford at a dealer in western Wisconsin and I convinced my Dad to split it with me. We bought it together and used it over the years for different projects around our yards and just too generally mess around with it. We had always planned on restoring it.



So that brings us to today, 2013. The tractor is almost fully restored and just about ready to run. Unfortunately, my Dad never got to work with me on it. He passed away 2 years ago on April 17th. Iím sure as I worked on it I could hear him laugh at me more than once or maybe getting irritated at me because I wasnít doing something as he would have. He always was a neat freak when it came to projects like this. Had he been around, Iím sure it would have taken us twice as long even though there would have two of us working on it

So when I finally start her up, Iím sure that the beat of Jack and Diane will be replaced by Dadís voice. So ultimately hereís to Dad.

The stack on this tractor is yours.  Thanks and nice job!




Photo Gallery,    click an any of the pictures, to get a close up of the High quality Craftsmanship. We take pictures of the work in progress, so you understand what you are paying for



This is a stright pipe, for Jims Tractor,

Sounds good ,looks good and priced right.

A new painted farmall with a new S/S verticle stack

this is our standard I/H polished stainless steel stack


"left to right"  Small garden tractor,  IH Farmall, stainless steel,  Old IH Farmall,


 Special Hand built 42" X 4" show/pulling tractor  gas/diesel  call/e-mail for details,

 this stack is ready for immediate shipment.

hosco46@blueriver.net,           812 967-8075




Why do all that work and install the old muffler, on a new paint job.    When You can get a stainless steel muffler, at a reasonable price.


Greetings!  Welcome to our review Page

Customer Reviews;

I ordered a Stainless Steel Exhaust Muffler and attaching inlet and out let pipes, for my Farmall Tractor that I had restored . Cannot say enough about StainlessStacks.biz. The pipe showed up at my door, several weeks later. And I sent a check, when I had time.

Yes I would recommend this company to any one looking for real old school craftsmanship. The fit and finish is excellent.

I have a IH 806, I use for Pulling, I ordered a straight stack from StainlessStacks.Biz. I have been looking for a shop to make this pipe for several months. I finally found one on line that accepted my design, and built it to my specifications. Nice works fits and sound great.

Yes I would recommend this company to you.

Hi, I have an IH 706, and wanted a straight stack for it. I looked around, and only found mass produced pipes, that I would have to buy, and modify to fit. Most of the units where from China or Japan, and did not fit my expectations of what a Stainless stack should look and feel like. When I opened the box of containing the StainlessStack.biz  product. I was very impressed, with the  work.

Yes excellent work,  good product.

We have found a great deal for you to consider. If you are looking for polished stainless steel mufflers for your Farmall tractor, we have a great offer for you to consider.       Here are the details:

Muffler Ė Polished Stainless Steel Vertical muffler for tractors. 6 in. round body replaces oval body mufflers. Inlet I.D. 2 1/2, Outlet O.D. 2″, total length 29, diameter 6in. Round body. For gas tractor models: Farmall. H & Super H, M & MV Super M & Super MTA, W4 & Super W4, W6 & Super W6, W6TA, (300 & 350 w\ C-175 gas), (400 & 450 w\ C-281 gas or D-281 diesel), (460 & 606 w\ C221 gas or D-236 diesel), (560 w\ c-263 gas or D-282 diesel). (Part No: hosco46452011)

If not satisfied, send it back with a explanation, (reason for the return), and you will receive the purchase price, minus shipping, and $30.00 re-stocking fee. Please include the size of the exhaust manifold extension pipe. (ie) 2-1/2 etc.

Price is $249.50 with a 5 year guarantee.

If you have another make or model, we can make a stack for that, as well.


This Would Make A Great  Gift! for DAD, Uncle, or anybody who likes Farm Tractors.


 PN.  101511  same warranty

    We will bring on new mufflers all the time, and will be showing them on this web page.  Shown below is our all welded model.

     If you would like us to build one for you, Please send us an e-mail  Please  send  us  an e-mail."     hosco46@blueriver.net

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 Muffler for several different models - Polished Stainless Steel Vertical muffler for tractors. 6 in. round body replaces oval body mufflers. Inlet I.D. 2 1/2, Outlet O.D. 2", total length 29, diameter 6in. Round body. For gas tractor models: Farmall. H & Super H, M & MV Super M & Super MTA, W4 & Super W4, W6 & Super W6, W6TA, (300 & 350 w\ C-175 gas), (400 & 450 w\ C-281 gas or D-281 diesel), (460 & 606 w\ C221 gas or D-236 diesel), (560 w\ c-263 gas or D-282 diesel).       (Part No: hosco46452011)


If you would like us to build one for you, Please send us an e-mail



This is a straight tuned pipe, for one of our customers. Priced right and sounds great and, call for more information.

Thank You for viewing our web page, and have a nice day.   STS.  If you have a sketch in mind e-mail it to hosco46@blueriver.net

We will give you a Free Estimate.




                                                                      old  and new stainless steel muffler


new Stainless Muffler on IH Farmall














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Lets go for a Ride,   This is my 2003 VRSC  "V-Rod"  Tom Hosburgh



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